temari balls

sarah wynn | colored thread hand embroidered aound a perfectly spherical ball | $50

BENSON – Local artist Sarah Wynn has created a series of temari balls that currently hang on the little gallery’s Christmas tree. Each one is unique in terms of color and design.

Temari is an ancient craft originating in China and introduced to Japan around the 7th century AD. Geometry and precision are used to create what was typically a play thing for small children. After making a perfectly spherical ball, math equations are used to mark the North and South poles, an equator, and latitude and longitude guidelines. Colored thread is then hand embroidered around the ball to create a geometric design. Within the core of each unique ball is a blessing for peace, love and joy for the coming year.

Stop in and get one for someone you love while supplies last!

5th annual little show opens dec. 6

BENSON – The little gallery is pleased to host its fifth annual little show during the month of December. The opening reception is Friday, Dec. 6, from 6:00 to 9:00pm in conjunction with Benson First Friday.

The annual show, just in time for the holiday season, features works by local artists that are 12 by 12 inches or smaller and retail for $100 or less. The exhibition includes some of the smallest art we’ve ever had on display, and it’s spectacular and affordable!

Featured artists include:

  • Christina Arellano
  • Erica Bailey
  • Ranae Boggess
  • John Brumbach
  • Lori Fox
  • Jaim Hackbart
  • January Kristine
  • Becky Lee
  • Joe Liebentritt
  • Bob Mathews
  • John D. Munoz
  • Christina Nelson
  • Daryn Richardson
  • Jonathan Seevers
  • John Stillmonks
  • Lori Tatreau
  • Michael Trenhaile
  • Lynda Vik
  • Haley Whitesel
  • Sarah Wynn

The little gallery is powered by Polecat Communications. Winter hours are Thursday-Friday from 3:00 to 5:00pm, Saturday from 10:00am to 1:00pm + by appointment. For more information, call 402.681.1901.