we’re moving. so is “ramble.”

Hey, friends. We’ve loved our time in Benson, but COVID-19 has forced us to adapt to the retail environment we now live in, so that’s what we’re doing. After 5+ years on Maple Street, the little gallery will soon have new digs in the Blackstone neighborhood.

We’re moving to The Mansion at Blackstone, 144 S. 39th Street. This gorgeous three-story home was built in 1912, and we intend to find out more about its history as we go.

The Mansion (we’re going to call it “TM” from here on out) is filled with incredibly gorgeous woodwork, a central staircase that takes your breath away, large windows, a fantastic front porch and to-die-for common spaces that we’ll be sharing with our housemates.

It’s a collaborative work/creative space, so if you’re looking for new digs in a historic property, let us know, and we’ll hook you up.

When you enter the home from 39th Street, the little gallery will be in the first suite on your left. We’ll be sharing more info as we set up shop and prepare for our grand opening. We’ll also be sharing info about what’s going on in the business district as we get to know our new neighbors. If you need a reference point, we’re right next door to Night Owl – we can see lots of tater tots in our future.

And – that’s not the only thing that’s moving.

Lori Elliott-Bartle’s “Ramble” – our last show at 5901 Maple Street – will be our first show at 144 S. 39th Street. This exhibition features paintings and handmade prints inspired by the prairie. We can’t wait to see what it looks like in our new surroundings.

Stay tuned…