the little gallery to represent john stillmunks

john stillmunks | robbing a thief | copyright 2019 | mixed media

18x24x1.5 | cradled wood panel | $800

BENSON – The little gallery is pleased to announce its representation of John Stillmunks.

Born and raised in North Omaha, Stillmunks studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Metropolitan State University in Denver before graduating from Iowa State University with a BFA in painting.

After college, he and his wife opened the Independent Thought Gallery and Studio in Des Moines, where he shared his work and promoted local artists for 15 years. His art has been featured in shows across the country, from Phoenix to Miami, and he’s currently showing some small sculptures at Artistic Indulgence in Minneapolis.

Stillmunks recently returned to Omaha and established his studio at Bench. Below is the artist in his own words.

My work always has a nod to schadenfreude – also I have been gravitating back to my roots in blue collar North Omaha in terms of color, texture, grit, humor, tenacity, variation, improvisation, perspective and resilience gained from growing up there. Ironically, I have spent my whole life trying to get away from what I am now embracing in middle age.

I use multiple perspectives and patterned movement to convey energy and emotion. Colors and patterns come directly from Midwestern African American folk art. Textures and imagery are without a doubt influenced by urban Midwestern architecture, graffiti, Catholic church symbolism and graphics and the “edge” acquired from urban environments in the upper Midwest such as Omaha, Minneapolis, KC, and Chicago.

Stillmunks will show at the little gallery in March 2020. View his work at:

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