my midnight garden

shelly burge
51″w by 36″l

Shelly Burge learned to sew on a hand crank toy sewing machine when she was four. She’s been making quilts for more than 40 years and is known nationally and internationally for her work and the quilting classes she teaches. Her work has received prestigious honors in art and quilt competitions across the country and has been exhibited in Japan, Russia, Germany, France and the Netherlands. She is the author of two books on quilting, and her articles and quilts have been featured in numerous books and magazines. Burge was inducted into the Nebraska Quilters Hall of Fame in 2009. Her work is included in public and private collections, including the International Quilt Study Center & Museum and the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion. For more information on the artist, visit

Below are her thoughts on the creation of My Midnight Garden.

“Ancient civilizations believed the world to be made up of four basic elements; they considered these energy forces critical for sustaining human life. But isn’t it logical that those four elements are also necessary for plant and animal life? Plants need soil (earth), air (wind), sunlight (fire) and water to thrive. My Midnight Garden is machine pieced and machine quilted.”



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