simulated kimono

Rhonda Baldwin

Rhonda Baldwin is a textile artist from Grand Island, NE. Vibrant color and surface design techniques are the focus of her work. She continues to gain knowledge in various media and applies these new learnings to her current work. Below are her thoughts on the making of “Simulated Kimono.”

Change is the essence of life on this planet. Time manipulates the elements every second of every day. Elements are the substances – usually earth, water, air, and fire – formerly regarded as constituting the material universe. In this piece, decay and rebirth are represented. Mountains decay into dust carried by the wind and water only to be redeposited again to form the mountains. The cycle of change continues. This piece was made with free form hand embroidery and machine stitch on linen with cotton accents.

Part of the 2018 Elements exhibition of the Midwest Fiber Art Alliance at the little gallery, April 2018.

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