ps and qs

Roberta Willet
24″ x 40″

A quilter since the mid-80s, Roberta Willet has always loved working with fabric. She has made dozens of quilts and became interested in textile arts about three years ago when she joined the Studio Art Quilters Association. In 2016, Willet joined the Midwest Fiber Art Alliance (MFAA). This is her second piece for MFAA. She currently has a piece traveling with the SAQA exhibit “Architecture.” Below, she explains “Ps and Qs” in her own words.

“Minding your ‘Ps and Qs’ can mean so many things to so many people. In the old days, working with individual letters on printing presses, it was easy to get ‘p’ and ‘q’ mixed up. When visiting a bar in England, it was important not to mix up your pints and quarts or you might get too drunk too soon! Kindergarten teachers point out to their students that the lower case ‘p’ and ‘q’ curl in opposite directions. My childhood favorite was to remember to say please and thank you.

“Whatever definition you choose, it translates to ‘watch yourself!'”

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