earth textures

Aimee Mahan
24″ wide x 40″ tall

Although not always intense in color, Aimee Mahan’s pieces have a strong color language. She creates rhythm through color, form and repetition that moves the viewer’s eye throughout the composition. Her background in interior design is evident in her forming a foundation and focus but not forgetting to incorporate a bit of unexpected interest. Mahan’s work has been shown in numerous venues and has been featured in several publications. Below, she explains “Earth Textures” in her own words.

“I used a marbling process with earth toned dyes to create organic, morphing shapes that remind me of the Mud Pots in Yellowstone National Park. Next, I selected batiks and other fabrics to support the colors and textures of the earth. To contrast the organic nature of the dyed pieces, I collaged the rest of the piece in a very linear manner and added additional interest with fibers, buttons and beads.”

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