don’t text and drive

Cynthia Levis
24″ wide x 40″ tall

Cynthia Levis was fortunate to have people on both sides of her family who had great imaginations and were very talented with their hands. Her father took random parts and made a working tractor, which still runs to this day. At an early age, she began learning embroidery from her paternal aunt and maternal grandmother, making little potholders. Levis then progressed to home economics and made the dreaded skirt. She continued on with handwork, cross-stitching for a number of years.

In her early 20s, she started making traditional quilts. In her early 40s, Levis began making art quilts. She enjoys every aspect of the process, from generating the idea to displaying the finished work. Below, she explains “Don’t Text and Drive”  in her own words.

“Text’ure was the challenge for this MFAA project. Hearing the word ‘texture,’ I thought of texting. When thinking of texting, my first thought is of people texting and driving. This has become an extremely dangerous activity that people of all ages are doing. We all have heard of the many people killed, or they have hit and killed someone else because they were texting while driving.

“Please take a moment to think about the following – is a text worth your life or someone else’s life because you need to read or text while driving?”

Materials used: 100% Cotton Commercial Fabric, Cotton and Clear Polyester Thread.
Surface design techniques used: Stenciled lettering with fabric paint, texting abbreviations printed using inkjet printer.


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