buff is back, but better

Josh Kaufman from Benson Machine Works and the new and improved BUFF.

A few weeks ago, someone plucked BUFF – our Benson Underground Film Forum mascot – from the planter outside the little gallery at 5901 Maple in beautiful downtown Benson.

We purchased BUFF for about 8 bucks from one of Benson’s vintage stores a good while back and have no idea where he came from or why he was created. He hung out in our planter during the winter months in lieu of plants and flowers.

When we discovered BUFF was gone, we circulated some ‘missing’ fliers, hoping a neighbor might spot him and return him. About a week ago, we got a call from a guy named Josh. He said his wife had seen our flier, and he asked how big BUFF was, saying the couple would keep their eyes out for him.

Late last week, Josh stopped by the little gallery after he got off work. When he opened the trunk of his car, there lay BUFF – but bigger, smarter and a lot less rusty. The folks at Benson Machine Works, where Josh spends his days, had laser cut us a shiny new BUFF based on the photo in our flier. They even went one step further, adding his name to the base.

This is why we love Benson and why we’re honored to be part of such a thoughtful, caring business community.

Benson Machine Works, now located at 1604 Fort Street, is a locally owned and operated metal working facility that’s been in business for more than 60 years. So if you need laser cutting, CNC machining (we have no idea what this is but you will if you need this service), fabrication or welding, stop by Benson Machine Works.

Tell ’em BUFF sent you.

The Benson Underground Film Forum screens free, short films in conjunction with art openings at the little gallery on Benson First Fridays. Are you a local filmmaker looking for a place to show your work? Contact us at 402.681.1901 or info@polecatcommunications.com.


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