feathering the nest

Cindy Erickson
24″ x 40″

Cindy Erickson started her career as an interior designer in Arizona and Utah, then specialized in creating applique wall hangings and clothing for boutiques. Since being introduced to the rotary cutter and half-square triangle, she’s been unstoppable. Erickson makes commission quilts and samples for various international companies and individuals (including RJR and P & B). She is an NQA certified Quilt Judge, teaches quilting and clothing specialty classes at Bernina Sewing Center in Omaha, and lectures and teaches classes around the country. Erickson has been published in Quiltmaker, Fons and Porters magazine and Leisure Arts publications. Her quilts have been shown at AQS, Houston, PIQS and NQA.

Below, she explains “Feathering The Nest” in her own words.

“I was thinking about the things I use to feather my nest – all the different objects I collect and use (or just touch) – and I tried to represent them in this piece. I used washi tape, newsprint, paper, lots of threads, sparkle, commercial, hand-painted and dyed fabric. All of these things have visual and actual texture.

“There are also many hidden words, texts and messages. Some are easier to see than others.”

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