give me a sign

LaVonne Dunetts
24″ wide by 40″ tall

LaVonne Dunetts has been creating with fiber in many forms for much of her life. Most of her quilting works are original designs using fabrics she has hand-dyed, overdyed or painted. Dunetts has won numerous awards for her art, quilting and sewing both locally and statewide. Her background in engineering and construction help her visualize how materials can be arranged in complex variations. Her goal is to create harmony and beauty from disorder and chaos.

Dunetts describes “Give Me a Sign” in her own words below.

“Signs are all around us, using language and symbols to convey information. They can be informative, creative, obscure, misleading and amusing. This can be text at its best or worst. This piece uses my hand-dyed fabric and photos I have printed to fabric. Photos were taken in the English countryside where we love to hike and were used by permission of my husband, Michael Dunetts.”


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