be joyful

Joan Duggan
24″ wide by 40″ tall

Joan Duggan is a mixed media artist. Her works include fiber, glass, photography and paint. Her creations use color, line and form to interpret a wide variety of styles ranging from true-to-life landscapes to abstract compositions. She uses fiber in many forms – from threads, spun yarns and wood roving to woven, felted and knitted cloth. In addition to fiber, she combines paint, ink, beads, sequins, fused glass pieces and natural stones along with hand and machine stitching in her pieces.

Duggan has exhibited her work in several shows at The Thirteenth Street Gallery and The Nicholas Gallery in the Hot Shops Art Center, the Tim and Teddi Slatery Art Gallery, the Jewish Community Center Gallery and Hillmer Art Gallery, all in Omaha, Neb.; the International Quilt Study Center and museum in Lincoln, Neb.; and at a National Quilt Association Exhibit held in Omaha. Below, she explains “Be Joyful” in her own words.

“Sometimes feelings just bubble up from inside you. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just have to be. The bright colors in this piece sparkle with joy. And I am reminded that I don’t have to do anything, just Be Joyful.

“Hand dyed and commercial fabrics have been stitched, fused and manipulated to create texture. Paint and beads further enhance the surface.”

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