early spring

Gail M. Dickel
24″ wide by 40″ tall

Gail Dickel’s background is in art education, and she enjoyed teaching art for more than 20 years. Her early work with paint focused on an abstract color field style, but she has also done representational work as well as ceramics, collage, photography and fiber arts. Dickel joined the Midwest Fibert Arts Alliance in 2011 and has exhibited art quilts at Lauritzen Gardens, the Jewish Community Center, Sunderland Gallery and Hilmer Gallery in Omaha, and Bartenbach Gallery in Grand Island.

She has also exhibited photographs, collage and watercolor work, and fiber art pieces in the annual Nebraska Art Teachers Association Art Exhibits (2005-12). While still teaching, Dickel was the winner in the Art Teacher category of the School Arts Magazine Artist Trading Art Contest. Below, she discusses “Early Spring” in her own words.

“I feel a deep connection to the natural world around me, and I am intrigued by the myriad of colors and textured surfaces in nature. When I began working on this qulit in January, the colors outdoors were dominated by brown and grey. Thinking of the coming Spring, I began piecing together floral prints, textured papers, batiks and hand-dyed fabrics to create a colorful spring landscape.

“This piece suggests to me the wonders of nature, life, joy, exploration and creativity. It contains batiks, hand-dyed fabrics, commercial fabrics and papers.”

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