text in fiber

24″ wide by 40″ tall
Marge Bresel

Marge Bresel has been sewing since age 13. At 21, she moved from Chicago to Lincoln, Neb., to enroll in a graduate program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After moving to Omaha for a job, marrying and raising three children, she started making traditional quilts. After experimenting with various surface design and mixed media techniques, this morphed into creating art quilts. She is always experimenting with new ways to express herself using fiber art.

Bresel discusses “Text in Fiber” in her own words below.

“Is is text or texture? Is there text in the texture? Can you see it? Can you feel it (with your eyes – please don’t touch)? I’m drawn to the open ended conundrum of text in the texture.

“The brightly hued manipulated strata adds texture to the background and creates an explosion of color and 3-dimensional illusion with the 2-dimensional fabrics. This is the backdrop to the text in the textiles. Here is an artistic merger of feeling and thought…both a visual and tactile sensation in the layering of texture through surface design, color, fiber and quilting.

“This piece is made from commercial, hand dyed and gifted fabrics. I would especially like to thank Karen Stiehl Osborn for her original surface design pieces and Joyce Cohen for her poetic descriptions of this piece. For information and details about the process, go to www.margebresel.com.




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