24″ wide by 40″ tall
Rhonda Baldwin

Rhonda Baldwin is a textile artist from Grand Island, Neb. Vibrant color and surface design techniques are the focus of her work. She currently uses mark making, textile manipulation and hand stitch to create her pieces. Below, she describes “Expanse” in her own words.

Textures in the world of physics are flaws; little imperfections that seem to show up in chaotic environments. You might think of texture as a cloudy patch within an otherwise transparent crystal; a patch whose atoms didn’t nicely align with their well-ordered neighbors.

Chaotic dye particles strike in snow dyed cloth in patterns eerily similar to Hubble Telescope photos of galaxies near and far. My work here is an homage to those beautiful images captured in space. Hand dyed whole cloth with applique and stitch. Paint and pastel details.


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